Become a fitness freak with Yoga Workouts

Obesity is a curse in disguise for women, hence if you do not want to be obese or want to slim down by removing all unwanted fat from the body, add glamour to your life, become more acceptable and charm men, do not lose the opportunity to buy the DVD of the yoga Pilates workouts, which have proven to be much better with guaranteed results than the weight driven and tiring gym exercises.

From warm up to the intense training


The rigorous training in the gym demands the kind of energy which is not everyone’s cup of tea; also many people have many qualms with regards time management. Hence, Chalene Johnson has directed an easy way out with yoga and Pilate’s workout which are not meant to suck away all the energy and just aimless reduction in weight, but have been formulated very systematically by combining the different forms of exercises such that each and every body part gets the oomph factor required.

It starts with a warm up session where the muscles are freed to become much more ready for the intense regime which will follow. Every day there is a new drenching technique to span over the whole week. From lower to upper body exercises to the cardio driving the metabolism rate up, some power sets to soak up your body in entirety is the whole program all about. Also, it includes some normal briefing on the diet, which is definitely necessary for the body to eat only healthier and leaner food stuffs low on fat and calories. The diet plan consisting of green leafy vegetables, legumes, etc along with the piyo exercise regime is enough to sail through your fat burning mission with high success rate.

Age is no bar

The female body undergoes a number of changes in hormones and the body shape and size with age and depending on the lifestyle. However, if you are really passionate to look young and glamorous at any age, these 8 different workouts will help you in this endeavor. You definitely need to live life fit and fine and not obese, rather than being tired leading a dull, hopeless life dependent on others. When you inhale/exhale and focus on it, there is a new energy flow which is created within the body, which lets all the age group females buzz with more zest in life.

Body beast equipments to achieve toned figure

Building up a perfectly toned body which can be the subject of everyone’s envy and centre of attraction is really not easy. It needs hard work and lots of dedication to gain a muscular body. Body beast program is a compact program of body building. It not only provides you all the techniques of building body but also provides you food supplement which is essential for body nutrition. Not just for men, even ladies can gain benefits. They have introduced some affordable equipment which will be a great help in the time of exercising. A short description is given below about body beast equipment.
Different body beast equipment for proper exercise:
Adjustable Bench and stability balls- Use an adjustable bench or exercise ball and do exercise with it. If you do not have any then body beast offers a great deal for you; an adjustable bench with the program packages. Or else stability ball is to provide more stabilization, more than any common popped ball. The ball does not take much space.
Ez curl bar- This bar is for doing rows or for the wrist while twisting. It is better than regular straight bar as it is easily adjustable.
Pull up bar and resistance bands- You can do exercise with real pull up bar. But, at the starting stage instead of pull up bar you may use resistance bands. When you will gain strength then try pull up bars. They work wonderfully in building up back, biceps and shoulders. But it is not recommended to use resistance bands instead of dumbbells. Body beast program give effect upon lean muscle building. You need to attach the band in door otherwise in a steady object so that the band may not slip down and hurt you.
Weight dumbbells which are adjustable- Choose the weight of dumbbells according to your ability of pulling weights. With regular exercise you will be able to pull up more weight; day by day the measurement will definitely increase. It is suggested to use 5-15 pounds for shoulder exercise and warm ups,
Weight plates- Body beast offers weight plate; this can be a replacement of bars. At the preliminary you may not be able to pull up bars, keeping that thought in mind body beast introduces these plates.
Chin up bars- It’s really helpful for different hand grabs.
Power block bench- The great thing about the product is that it gives several angles for different moves. The dimension of the bench- in flat state it is 16” tall, 21’ wide and 50’’ long.

Daunting Task of Writing My Thesis Made Easy

Student’s life is full of competition and there are a number of things one needs to juggle upon to countering the distractions in their life. Student grows with time and his subject matter becomes deeper and he needs to engross in studies for a longer time. Most intricate situations arise when there are more things creating a pressure than can be handled by him. This includes assignments like writing thesis, dissertation, research papers and many others requiring intense groundwork in terms of research and good handle on the native English Language

The intentional copying escapades

Wounded Warrior Regiment holds Track and Field Camp in Portland, Oregon

Internet has now opened a new avenue where the students scourge for the topics of assignments and to their surprise find scores of readymade material. As this is readymade, a lot of students try to lower the pressure and efforts by directly serving this ready plate to their teachers; however their gaffes are very understood by the teachers who accordingly punish the students with lowers scores impacting their careers. Not only that, students do not even make it a point to read them and absorb the basic learning’s required for their career growth and waste their time, money and efforts and just keep on adding meaningless tags behind their names.

Research paper writers to fix your ordeal

A thesis is a long and research oriented process and also mostly a part of syllabus of higher studies including PHD and Masters, etc. The research can be extensible and wholesome writing flows with title, abstracts, table of contents, proper introduction and conclusion and also references, etc are required to be completed with excellence. The ordeal to write unique content which is up to date is no more a problem with an easy route of depending on the expert and qualified writers on the write my research paper websites, who have immense experience in writing such type of long research oriented essays for the students. The main agenda of these websites is to provide the students a new way of excellent copy free means of completing assignment. These writers are full of ideas and have excellent hold on English. They also proofread the material they make and do intense check through plagiarism reports before sending it back to the clients. There are timelines they need to abide to as per the order and they are paid as per the urgency of the need of per page basis. The harder the topic there can be revisions in the rate too. However, seeing the amount of work in writing my research papers, they charge reasonable amount of money.

Samples for reference

Students in case have difficulty in developing ideas or organizing the same can also depend on the samples given in the websites, which will be a free guide in their efforts. Academics play an important role in career growth, hence a little investment can always help me in writing my research paper where the large number of instructions can be sent to them and this can considerably free the burden of job. Not only that, in case of any doubts these online support is available 24×7.

Rolling over your retirement funds to an IRA

At some point some companies become unstable, and this can affect your retirement benefits. Especially when there is a restriction on the date of withdrawal, this means that you won’t be able to access your funds until the time limit is met and if you do so before there is a penalty. But this should not be a problem if you have an idea about an IRA (individual retirement account), all you will have to do is to roll over the fund into a traditional IRA. 401 (k) plan Rollover is basically instructing the current administrator of your plan to transfer the value of the savings to an individual retirement account

From money to precious stones


There is no way you can directly invest in gold using your 401 (k) plan, you have to roll the fund over. And with an IRA, you have the freedom of choosing what to invest in. You have the ability to invest in precious metals. The account gives you the flexibility to invest in other assets, you can invest in mining company’s shares. There are many firms offering rollover, all you have to do is to choose the best of all.

Structured Settlements for Cash

Fiscal demands are so high these days and so most people prefer selling their structured settlements in order to meet their financial needs or put the money in better investments. To sell your settlement is well and permissible and also a solid exercise. Institutions which specialize in factoring annuities are the biggest funding corporations. There are just so many of such companies which will always be willing to pay you as soon as you want them to. This is a profitable deal because you will get the money at a discounted fee as well. However, it is important to note that selling rates are different based on the facts at hand


The major factors which will affect the selling rates are purchasing corporation’s guidelines, tenure, makeup of the annuity and the entire amount for compensation. As a seller, you have to be aware of each and every step involved in the entire situation. It is recommended that you accept nothing below the standards. Sellers of structured settlements for cash could also ask for better deals from the investor even though the laws do not allow trades to exist outside the stipulated contract. This type of trade is also within the business parameters involving demand and supply.

Sell your home property at the best rates

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Most of the house are fully furnished with modern fixtures, some even have heated pools and are large and reasonably evaluated, and once advertised on this site, the sale takes barely any time as the buyers definitely have a look at the site of stuart realtor and with the search criteria’s land up finding a perfect house matching their requirements.


Pomegranate juice health benefits

Pomegranate Juice: A complete health tonic with multiple health benefits

Pomegranate is considered as the symbol of good health, in almost every country of the world. It is said to be very nutritious and the fruit as well as its juice is often recommended to the patients, for speedy recovery from illnesses. We will discuss the benefits of this pomegranate juice further, but first, let’s understand about the nature and the method of preparing this juice.

The pomegranate juice is prepared by crushing the seeds of the fruit; it is ruby red in color and has a sweet and tart taste. In fact, many people consider it healthy because it resembles human blood in color; but it’s not true, its benefits are not due to its resemblance to blood, but because of the presence of various healthy ingredients in it. What are these ingredients that make this juice so healthy? Let us see.

The ingredients present in Pomegranate juice: Pomegranate juice consists of various healthy ingredients; it contains vitamin B5, vitamin C and vitamin K along with dietary fibers, Folate and potassium in good amounts. Pomegranate juice also contains phenylpropanoids, flavones, hydrobenzoic acids and conjugated fatty acids in addition to sugars, proteins and carbohydrates. It has very less sodium content and is nearly free in terms of cholesterol content.

Several benefits can be attributed to these ingredients of the Pomegranate juice. Lets see the major ones.

Prevents the appearance of Spare tyre and Muffin tops

For those who don’t want to have excess fat on their abdomens, also called as ‘Muffin Tops’ in women and ‘Spare Tyre’ in men, pomegranate juice is their best friend. The reason is; this juice not only reduces the fat that is stored there, but, also prevents further deposition, thus, reducing your belly diameter.

Lots and lots of anti-oxidants

Pomegranate juice has many anti-oxidants, which range from polyphenols, found in the tea and wine to anthocyanins, found in blueberries, and also punicalagins, which are not commonly found. With these many varieties of anti-oxidants present, it is clear that the anti-oxidant properties of this juice are also varied and amazing; in fact the pomegranate juice has shown three times more and better anti-oxidant properties, than the famous red wine and green tea. With these many anti-oxidants, the pomegranate juice has shown the promise to be very effective against diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart diseases and also preventing the premature aging of cells, keeping you healthy and young.

Helps in prevention as well as slowing down the growth of cancer

Punicalagins found in Pomegranate, have shown strong anti-cancer properties, The Isoflavones and Polyphenols, found in this juice induce the death of the cancer cells that are responsible for the formation of tumor, and also for making this tumor malignant. Pomegranate juice is especially effective, in slowing down the growth of prostate, lung and breast cancer by inhibiting the division rate of cancer cells and also killing them.

Not only this, pomegranate juice has shown some characters, which make it an effective agent in preventing, reoccurrence of prostate cancer in men, after it has been removed, surgically or with chemotherapy.

Keeps your heart happy and prevents cardiovascular diseases

Pomegranate juice is very effective against cardiovascular diseases, as it keeps all the factors that affect the health of the heart, including cholesterol, blood pressure and arteries health, in check. It maintains the health of your heart by reducing building up of plaque in the arteries and so, the risk of atherosclerosis, it also lowers the level of bad cholesterol or LDL cholesterol and prevents its oxidation, thus, preventing risk of heart attack and not only this, it also decreases the systolic blood pressure, to increase the blood flow towards the heart, and keeps the coronary blood vessels in great shape. Also the anthocyanins present in this juice act as a shield for the heart to keep it safe from cardiovascular disorders.

Maintains the health of men

Pomegranate juice acts a natural Viagra, and helps in improving the condition of erectile dysfunction in males, by improving the flow of blood to their reproductive. It also improves the condition of prostate hyperplasia, or abnormal enlargement of prostate gland, in males.

Pomegranate juice prevents Alzheimer’s disease

The strong anti-oxidants present in the pomegranate juice, especially the anthocyanins, kill the free radicals damaging neurons and other brain cells, and so protect them from damage and death, a big causative factor for Alzheimer’s disease. Juice also helps the Alzheimer’s patients, by preventing formation of amyloid plaque, in the capillaries and also checking for unhealthy deposits in the brain that can hinder its proper functioning. Studies have shown that the patients having regular intake of Pomegranate juice, have shown better mental capabilities, than those who were not taking it.

Protects the brains of the infants from injuries and infections

The Pomegranate juice has shown to be effective, in keeping the brains of the infants, in healthy condition, especially after any kind of injury.

Pomegranate juice can be effective against various diseases

Several researches and clinical trials are going on daily, to establish the positive effects of pomegranate juice, in treatment of several diseases. It has been shown to be particularly effective in controlling rhinovirus infection, diabetes, common cold and lymphoma along with the ability to control, oxidative stress during diabetic hemodialysis.

Pomegranate juice can also prevent the deterioration of cartilage, that occurs during Osteoarthritis and prevent the plaque formation in your oral cavity.

Other benefits of Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice has great anti-inflammatory properties, so it helps your body in countering any type of inflammation, including the inflammation of joints. It also has very strong anti-bacterial and antiviral properties and so, it protects your body from infections like sore throat, flu, common cold and rheumatism.

Not only diseases, pomegranate juice is great for your face also, as it prevents premature aging of the cells and maintains the elasticity of your skin, maintaining the youthful glow on your face.

Precautions: The only precaution that you should take with pomegranate juice is, try to get it fresh and without any fillers like sugars and additional flavors. Consuming fresh pomegranate juice is always healthy, but if you are diabetic or suffering from sugar related disorders, and planning to start it as a health supplement, then you should consult your physician beforehand.

With these many benefits available naturally, in a fruit and that too, without any side effects; I suppose, it is the best that you can ask from our mother nature! So, who says there is a need for any other additional supplement; just eat fresh, consume natural products like pomegranate juice and you will get a body that not just looks healthy, but is also healthy from inside and trust me, you will actually feel healthy!

Pumpkin seeds health benefits

Pumpkin Seeds: The Snacks provided by nature to keep you fit and healthy

You all must be well aware of the vegetable Pumpkin, and especially those who love to participate in the Halloweens; you must have made jack-o’-lanterns out of this big vegetable, but have you noticed its seeds and the quality that they possess. Well, may be not, so today I am going to tell you about the qualities of these seeds, but, first let me introduce you to this seed and its source.

Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin is a well known vegetable which is consumed almost everywhere and it comprises of flesh and seeds; its flesh is also healthy and edible, but we are here to talk about its seeds. Pumpkin seeds are also known by the name of ‘Pepitas’ and are flat and dark green in color. You may find some seeds yellow colored, but that is the husk, that encases the seed inside and is produced by certain varieties of this vegetable. These Pepitas have a nutty flavor, crunchy texture and slight sweetish taste and are the hallmark of authentic, traditional Mexican cuisine.

You can use these seeds in a variety of ways for consumption, the most common being, the roasting of these seeds. These seeds are not only used as snacks but are also used in a variety of dishes that are prepared in a variety of kitchens across the globe. These seeds are not only good in taste, they also provide several benefits because the nutrient content present in them, let’s see the composition of these seeds now.

Nutrient profile of pumpkin seeds:

The raw pumpkin seeds are a pool of different types of mineral and vitamins along with dietary fibers, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The vitamins present in these seeds include Vitamin K, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 or Thiamin, Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin, Vitamin B3 or Niacin and Vitamin B6. The mineral content of the Pumpkin seeds include Calcium, Zinc, Potassium, Manganese, Iron, Magnesium and Selenium. In addition to these, the seeds are also rich in Folate, fats and Calories. What are the benefits of these chemicals and vitamins? This is what we are going to learn next.

Pumpkin seeds provide anti-inflammatory benefits

Pepitas have hidden several anti inflammatory properties within themselves; they provide relief from inflammation including, those at the joints, as in case of arthritis, but, unlike the other anti-inflammatory drugs, they don’t have any side effects. They also do not increase the levels of lipid peroxides or damaged fats on the joint linings.

Pumpkin Seeds lower your cholesterol levels

The seeds of Pumpkin contain Phytosterols, a chemical similar in structure and profile to the Cholesterol found in human body; these phytosterols along with other minerals, reduce the cholesterol level in the blood.

Pumpkin seeds make keep you delighted and depression free

This magic is performed by the amino acids; Glutamate and Tryptophan present in pumpkin seeds. The amount of tryptophan present in one gram of pumpkin seeds is even more than, the amount of tryptophan, present in a glass of milk; this tryptophan helps in release of tension and inducing sleep. The other amino acid found in the seeds, Glutamate helps in synthesis of anti-stress neurochemical, GABA or Gamma Amino Butyric Acid, in the brain. This GABA reduces nervous irritability and anxiety, which leads to reduction in stress. So, if you want to feel happy, you can pocket some seeds, and have them, whenever you are feeling low or depressed.

Pumpkin Seeds can kill the parasites thriving inside you

Regular use of pumpkin seeds can make your intestines free from tape worms, schistomiasis and other parasites that may be living inside your body.

Prevent the formation of kidney stones and regulates bladder functions

Pumpkin seeds are very successful in preventing the formation of kidney stones, caused due to deposition of Calcium Oxalate. They are also very helpful in regulating the normal bladder functions and preventing any possible functional disorders.

Pumpkin seeds can help in reduction of prostate problems

Pumpkin seeds help in controlling the condition called as BPH or Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, which leads to enlargement of prostate gland and occurs generally in the males, above the age of 50. BPH occurs when the production of the male hormones, testosterone and Dihydrotestosterone, increases above the normal levels, in the blood and leads to rapid multiplication of prostate cells, leading to the enlargement of the prostate gland. It is a very painful condition and also makes urination, difficult for the patient. The Pepitas inhibit the triggering of prostate cells, thus, providing relief in this condition.

As you can see, pumpkin seeds are a great way to boost your health, as these not only contain vitamins and proteins, but, are also rich in minerals, like Zinc and Manganese, which are one of the most commonly found deficiencies among the men as well as the women, all over the world. With these seeds, pumpkin seed butter and Pumpkin Seeds Oil are also available in the markets today, so, let me tell you some more about this Pumpkin Seeds Oil.

Helps increase the hemoglobin content of the blood

The Iron found in Pepitas helps in increasing the RBC count in your blood and is particularly very useful for the women, and also people suffering from anemia.

Prevents Osteoporosis and protects your bones

Pumpkin seeds contain Zinc, which prevents chances of Osteoporosis, especially in older men, by maintaining the mineral density of the bones and keeping them strong.

Helps in prevention of Cancer

The Pumpkin seeds contain Phytosterols, which have shown the capabilities of fighting many different types of cancers, occurring in human body.

Pumpkin Seeds Oil

This oil is prepared from the Pepitas, after roasting them on low heat, and is thick in texture and green-red in color. It has a very strong flavor, and is used in combination with other oils to reduce its pungency. It is used in pumpkin soup, as salad dressing and also for cooking purposes. It has shown many properties, similar to Pumpkin seeds and is very useful in maintaining the health of tissues, nerves and the blood vessels, because of its high essential fatty acid content, but, it is devoid of the dietary fibers that are present in the seeds.

You can also go for this Pumpkin seed oil, which is easily available in the market and comes with many benefits of Pumpkin Seeds, though, not all.

Thus, we can conclude that, these seeds are the perfect nutritious snacks, with low calories and high protein content and are also very easily available in the market or even at home. You can consume it in various forms, including directly as raw seeds, Pumpkin Seeds Oil and also Pumpkin Seed butters, which have become a very convenient way of including Pepitas in diet. But still, the best way of consuming these seeds is to eat it in its raw form, as some of its vital nutrients may be lost, during processing. So get ready, as now, its time to have some healthy and natural snacks!

Kombucha health benefits

Kombucha: The Immortal Health Elixir

You must be thinking, what is so special with Kombucha, to call it an “Immortal Health Elixir” and may be for some of you; this term may be completely alien. So, let me start, by introducing you to this term.

Kombucha: Kombucha is a beverage made from tea and sugar, after fermentation; by adding bacteria and yeast cultures, called as Kombucha Mushroom, to the brewed tea. Kombucha has been used from over 2000 years in China and some other parts of the world including Japan and Russia for treatment as well as prevention of several diseases including cancer and arthritis. The Kombucha mushroom culture consists of several bacteria and yeasts including Schizosaccharomyces pombe, Saccharomycodes ludwigii and Bacterium xylinum along with several other species. These microbes ferment the tea and produce different types of chemicals which are very healthy and useful for human body.

Constituents of Kombucha tea: Kombucha tea contains Acetic acid, Lactic acid, Usnic acid, Butyric acid, Malic acid, Oxalic acid, Gluconic acid, Caffeine, Vitamin B-complex, d-Saccharic acid or Glucaric acid and Citric acid along with 0.5% to 1.5% of alcohol. It also contains several probiotic bacteria, which together with the above mentioned components not only stabilizes the ecological balance of the body, but also provide several health benefits.

Kombucha has been referred, with the name of ‘Immortal health elixir’, by the Chinese people, who have discovered its multiple health benefits and have been using it since ages, to get a long and healthy life. You can as well agree or disagree with this statement, but first, I would suggest you, to go through all the benefits, that Kombucha has to offer, as mentioned further in the article, before arriving at any conclusion.

Boosts immunity and protects from several infections and diseases

Kombucha is a superb immunity booster beverage, and has shown to be helpful in fighting several infections and diseases. Let us have a look at some of them:

  • It can protect against seasonal infections like Heat rashes, Cold and Flu.
  • It is very effective against the conditions related to the bronchial passage, like Asthma and bronchitis, and it also clears the mucus from the passage.
  • It can help fight yeast infections including the Candid yeast infections.
  • It lessens pains and headaches and even provides relief in migraines.
  • You can consume Kombucha regularly, to prevent Oral Canker sores.
  • You can take its help in preventing Lupus also.
  • It helps in healing the infections of the bladder.
  • It can also reduce allergies and protect against Carpal Tunnel syndrome.

So, you can keep yourself free from so many ailments in a go by consuming Kombucha!

Cleanses up your body system and removes toxins

You know, our liver makes Glucuronic acid in large amounts, to detoxify the entire body; this Glucuronic acid irreversibly, binds itself to the toxins and poisons that are present in the body systems, and then, gets them excreted out of the body through the excretory system. Now, the Kombucha aids in this process of cleansing and toxin elimination, by supplying our liver with the Glucuronic acid, which it contains in large quantities.

Great for your hair and skin

Kombucha tea is very good for your hair, skin and also fingernails, as not only it strengthens them, but, also protects them against infections. It promotes thickening and growth of hair and can also provide solution, to most of your hair related problems, including hair fall and graying of your hair. You may be surprised to know that this tea can also help restore the normal color of your hair!

Coming to the benefits to your skin; The Kombucha tea not only improves the color of your skin, but it also helps in reversing the process of aging and prevents the occurrence of age spots, moles and wrinkles. It is also very effective in cleaning your skin and protects it against Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne and also helps in the treatment of staph infection, boils, scar tissue and cellulites on the skin.

Kombucha tea acts as an energy booster and stress buster

Kombucha tea can not only increase the energy levels of your body, but can also help you relax by acting as a relaxing agent. It can prevent outbreak of Chronic Fatigue syndrome and also help in insomnia, by normalizing your pattern of sleep. Not only this, as the tea has a calming effect, so, it reduces your craving for alcohol, thus, helping people with alcohol addictions.

Keeps your digestive system healthy

Kombucha is a great supporter of a healthy digestive system; it helps in preventing acid influx from the stomach, regulates the functioning of the intestine and also prevents constipation by acting as a laxative. If consumed regularly, it can cleanse the duodenum, colon and even the gall bladder and provide relief from colitis and Crohn’s disease which are caused by the toxins present in the system. You can also take the help of this beverage to stop diarrhea and get relief from the stomach cramps.

Provides Protection from Cancer

Many scientists are studying the effects of Kombucha, in preventing Cancer, all over the world. This property of the beverage can be largely attributed to its ability to make the internal body systems robust, naturally. The microbes, responsible for the growth of cancer, need an alkaline medium for growth, but Kombucha creates an acidic environment, thus, making the cellular oxidation process robust, which in turn, lessens the chances of occurrence of cancer, significantly. The anti oxidants present in the Kombucha also help in fighting free radicals, another causative agent of cancer, thus, it further reduces, Cancer possibilities.

Helps in treatment of all types of Arthritis

Kombucha tea has proved to be effective against all the types of arthritis including Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and also Gout, which is mostly because of its Glucosamine content. These glucosamines stimulate the production of synovial Hyaluronic acid, which provides relief from pain and also preserves the structure of the bone cartilage. Thus, Kombucha helps Rheumatoid arthritis patients, by reducing the pain in the joints and also helping the deformed joints. It also helps in rebuilding the cartilage of the bones, that have been damaged during Osteoarthritis and further, breaks down the Gout crystals, relieving you of sensitivity and pain both. In addition to these benefits, Kombucha can also control the Venous Stasis; a condition of poor circulation of blood, of your body parts and helps in the condition of calcifying tendonitis.

Other Benefits of Kombucha

I have already mentioned, so many benefits of this beverage, but that’s not all! Let me tell you some more benefits of this tea.

  • Kombucha is very effective in treatment of the problems related to menopause, in women, like crams, mood swings, night sweats and bloating stomach.
  • It can also prevent Hemorrhoids.
  • Makes Fibroids less painful.
  • Improves vision and reduces appearance of vision related disorders, associated with old age.
  • Helps in providing freedom from menstrual cramps.
  • Keeps your blood pressure in check.
  • Enhances sexual activity and vigor.

With these many benefits, there are certain side effects also; lets have a look at them.

Side Effects of Kombucha tea

Kombucha tea is also not completely devoid of side effects, some of them are:

  • There can be digestive problems initially, when you start the consumption of this tea. It is a cleaning reaction, also known as “Healing Crisis” which can be controlled by keeping the intake minimal and increasing it gradually.
  • Home brewed tea, may get contaminated with pathogens, which can be bad for your body and lead to several diseases, cutaneous anthrax, being one of them.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding ladies, should avoid the use of Kombucha.
  • Long term usage of Kombucha can lead to regular headaches.
  • Patients suffering from AIDS should avoid using Kombucha tea, as it can deteriorate this condition.
  • Allergic people and also people with medical conditions need to avoid the drink and consult their medical expert before including it in their diet.

Kombucha tea is a product that has kept its users protected, from various forms of illnesses, and has awarded them with the gift of long and healthy life, since ages. So, I guess, trying this beverage can be an option worth exploring, as may be you can come across a solution to all your health related problems in one go! So, what do you say? Lets give it a try and see, can it prove to be an Immortal health elixir, for us also!

Parsley health benefits

The Top Ten Health Benefits of Parsley

Parsley is an herb, vegetable and spice and has found its wide ranging use not only in culinary practices but also for the medicinal purposes. It traces its origin, about 2000 years back to Central Mediterranean regions including Algeria, Tunisia and Southern Italy, but now, it is grown almost everywhere in the world.

Parsley, commonly known as the ‘Rock Celery’, is a member of the family ‘Apiaceae’ and a species under the genus ‘Petroselinum’. This popular herb is bright green in color, and its leaves and roots are the parts, which are used for various purposes. There are two varieties of this herb, one Petroselinum crispum, which is cultivated for leaves and the other Petroselinum tuberosum, which is grown for its root. These leaves and roots are put through various medicinal and culinary uses; let’s see some of its culinary uses.

Culinary Uses of Parley: Parsley is milder than Coriander leaves in terms of flavor, but, it is an important part of many cuisines including American, Mediterranean and East European cuisine. The leaves of Parsley are appetite boosters and are widely used in salads, soups, meats and other foods, and also for garnishing purposes, whereas the roots are mostly consumed as vegetables.

It is also used for various medicinal purposes; but we will see that later; first, let’s go to the nutritional profile of this herb.

Nutritional Profile of Parsley: Parsley contains phytochemicals including folate, Zeaxanthin and Beta carotene in addition to several minerals like iron and calcium and vitamins A, C and K. The calories supplied by this herb are also very less, as compared to its nutrient content, and it contains various Volatile oils like limonene, alpha-thujene, myristicin and eugenol and different Flavonoids including luteolin, apiin, crisoeriol and apigenin.

Now, as you known the composition of Parsley, let me tell you about the top ten benefits that, it has to offer.

1. Parsley keeps your body and tissues healthy

Parsley is very helpful in maintaining the health of your eyes, skin, teeth and hair, as it comes with a complete package of nutrients, for all these body parts.

  • The Vitamin C, in association with proteins, helps in production of Collagen fibers that reduces the occurrence of wrinkles, and acts as an adhesive, for the skin cells.
  • It stimulates secretion from the Sebaceous glands to keep the skin moist and prevent fine lines and spider veins from appearing on your face.
  • Iron present in Parsley helps in maintaining the skin color, health of the nails, and also helps in growth of strong hair.
  • Calcium present in Parsley revitalizes your skin, clears blemishes and also makes it glowing and flawless.

2. Parsley is Anti-cancer

Parsley has been established as an anti-cancer herb because of its special abilities to prevent cancers in the body organs, especially intestine and liver. The Apigenin and Myristicin present in Parsley are well established chemicals, acknowledged for their anti-cancer activities. Apigenin inhibits the growth of tumors, by stalling the blood vessel formation, required to provide feed, to the fast multiplying, tumor cells. On the other hand, myristicin inhibits the formation of tumor and activates glutathione-S-transferase, the enzyme responsible for fighting the oxidized molecules.

3. Anti-inflammatory properties of Parsley

Parsley reduces inflammation substantially, which is because of its Vitamin A, C and Luteolin content. It is very effective in the patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis as well as Osteoarthritis.

4. Makes the Immune system of the body healthy and strong

Parsley contains Vitamin A, also known as anti-infection vitamin, which strengthens the mucous membranes, intestinal, respiratory and urinary tract and also the lining of eyes, thus, safeguarding the body entry points, against the foreign invasion. It also makes the lymphocytes of the body strong to fight pathogens and keeps you safe from infections. The Vitamin C present in Parsley, along with supporting the immune system, also helps in preventing infections such as cold and flu along with the ear infections.

5. Great anti-oxidant properties

Many chemicals present in Parsley are very strong and effective anti-oxidants. They kill the free radicals that are causing damage to the body cells and slow down aging.

  • Zeaxanthin filters the harmful UV rays of the sun entering the retina and also acts as an anti-oxidant to prevent the occurrence of ARMD or Age related macular degeneration.
  • Parsley, with the help of its Vitamin C and Beta carotene content, helps in prevention of many diseases related to oxidative stress, like Asthma, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis, by killing and dissolving the free radicals. The water soluble radicals are dealt by Vitamin C and the fat soluble areas are covered by Beta-carotene.
  • Luteolin and other Flavonoids present in the herb, along with Vitamin A and Vitamin C, search and kill the harmful free radicals present in the body.

6. Neutralizes the harmful effects of smoking and alcohol

Myristicin, found in Parsley neutralizes the carcinogens, present in the charcoal grill smoke and also cigarette smoke, including the benzopyrene thus, protecting you against the risk of prostate and colon cancer. It also reduces your dependence on alcohol and helps in alleviating from the system.

7. Keeps Blood Pressure under control and keeps your heart healthy

Parsley maintains the elasticity of the blood vessels and cleanses the blood, it also contains potassium which counters the effects of the sodium and keeps blood pressure and heart rate under control. It keeps your cholesterol levels in check and also prevents the chances of strokes and heart attack.

8. Maintains the overall health of your mouth

Eugenol of Parsley can act as local anesthetic in dentistry and also as an antiseptic agent for preventing infection and thus, ailments related to gums and teeth. It also provides freedom from bad breath.

9. Regulates Blood sugar levels and helps in metabolism

The Eugenol present in Parsley can help in reducing the sugar levels in the blood, and the various vitamins present in it can act as co-enzymes, to aid in the metabolism of fat, carbohydrates and proteins.

10. Maintains the health of kidney and also acts as a diuretic

Parsley is instrumental in removing small sized stones from kidney and bladder and normalizing their functioning. It also enhances the excretion of sodium and water from the kidney and supports the resorption of the potassium, thereby, increasing the Diuresis and further, it also prevents the inflammation and congestion of bladder and kidneys.

The diuretic properties of parsley also make it effective in the treatment of amenorrhea; absence of menstrual cycle and dysmenorrhoea, the condition of very painful menstruation, in women.

These are merely the main benefits of Parsley, as, in addition to these, this herb can provide instant relief from bruises as well as mosquito bites. It also protects your body organs including spleen, liver, endocrine and digestive organs from damage, enhances your sexual powers and also works as an aphrodisiac.

Precautions to be taken while consuming Parsley

Along with these many benefits, there are also some precautions to be taken, while using this herb; especially the pregnant women should avoid using Parsley in form of supplement, as it can be harmful for their health, but, they need not cut its routine consumption in food, as it won’t be harmful in raw form, in small quantities.

You should also avoid direct oral intake of Parsley oil, as it can lead to photosensitivity.

So, you can see that, there are not many side effects for this herb, but its benefits are innumerous. The list of the health benefits of Parsley can never be all-inclusive, as it is very difficult to list all of them, and still new ones are being discovered each day. But, nevertheless I have told you enough, to make you realize the potential and capabilities of this herb and the rest; that you will get to know, as you start using it in your daily life. With these benefits, you can also consider one more thing; it will make your food look delicious and green!